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Wellcome to MCP (Master for computers and Programming)

 its our company's duty to make sure that you get the best value of whatever you are looking for in the world of computers

whether was it a device or a technical service (programming, educational courses or maintenance)  

feel free to browse our content and order or give us a feed back of what you think

and after all... Enjoy ; )



Your hi-tech source for the best in quality electronic equipment and components. We offer a wide variety of electronic devices, computers, computer components, peripherals, software and much more. All products are covered by basic warranty and an optional purchase of 1 - 2 year warranty plans. Simply bring your defective purchase back to the store within the warranty period with your receipt or proof of purchase, and we will replace your defective product.

Our offerings include not only the hardware sale, but also one of the finest in customer service Tech Support teams for our customers. For any of your installation, or troubleshooting needs, we are the first point of contact for our customers.

Pay us a visit at: sedi beshr- Aisawy st. Alexandria


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